Gregg Kroman, president & CEO of Texas Secured Capital, LLC,

Gregg Kroman, president & CEO of Texas Secured Capital, LLC, has been serving the financial needs of families for over 35 years. Gregg has been an integral participant of seven product development teams as well as a featured speaker for the Society of Actuaries for many years. His initial company, Secured Capitol, was founded in Florida in 1998. In 2005, he relocated to Asheville, North Carolina to raise his daughter as a single father. Gregg partnered with Ken Henning in 2015 to form Texas Secured Capital, LLC. 

Texas Secured Capital’s outreach project is based on the premise that traditional financial planning doesn’t always meet the needs of most modern families. Our team is changing “traditional” retirement planning by providing the appropriate financial tools to meet YOUR objectives. Gregg & Ken know insurance carriers and investment firms use math to their favor. They use math to favor you. 

The Texas Secured Capital team will guide you through these financial management areas:

  • Long Term Care
  • Critical Illness 
  • Tax Free Planning 
  • Money Management
  • Annuities
  • Life Insurance 
  • Guaranteed Income 
  • Education Planning 

No matter what life events take place, the right tools can give you a lifeline in times of need. We’ll help you chart your way.